June 2013

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Fundamentals of Surveying by S K Roy

Books Name: Fundamentals of Surveying Author:S K Roy Page :611 Size: 22.5 MB Chapter Headings Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Errors in Measurement Chapter 3: Measurement of Horizontal Distances Chapter 4: Electronic Distance Measurements Chapter…

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Surveying by A M Chandra

Books Name: Surveying( Problem Solving With Theory and Objective Type Questions) Author: A M Chandra Page:338 ISBN: 978-81-224-2532-1 This is a good book on surveying. In this book Dr. A  M Chandra discusses the basic theory…

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‘Building Materials By S.K. Duggal’-Review

Book Name: Building Material Author: S.K. Duggal ISBN:978-81-224-2975-6 This book is very helpful for the students of Civil Engineering. Building materials trends are changing day by day. This book aims at providing students with the…