Bangladesh National Building Code-BNBC 2014


Building Code Name: Bangladesh National Building Code- BNBC 2014

Bangladesh National Building Code widely known as BNBC Code is the ultimate code that is followed by the Bangladesh to build safe houses and building. Earthquakes and wind effect of different building system is incorporated in this code book. Moreover, this code is almost similar to ACI code that is recognized as one of the most practiced building code of the world. But there are some differences that is incorporated by keeping the biological,environmental and geological factors of Bangladesh. Moreover socio-economical factors are also in consideration while preparing this awesome code for civil engineering practitioner and civil engineering students. This code could be very helpful to the related people like architects and town planners as the general considerations were made based on the conditions of Bangladesh.

BNBC code was first published inĀ 1993. The revised edition were published in 2006. The third revision to BNBC code was published on 2014.
Download the Bangladesh National Building Code 2014

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7 Comments on "Bangladesh National Building Code-BNBC 2014"

  1. Dewan Habibul Hasan | February 4, 2016 at 4:05 am |

    I need for layout review

  2. Dewan Habibul Hasan | February 4, 2016 at 4:07 am |

    This is very effective for safe building construction

  3. If inioomatfrn were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

  4. M. Fazlul Karim | March 30, 2016 at 5:46 am |

    Dear Sir,

    Pl provide me the information on “Occupancy Certificate”.

    Best regards, M. Fazlul Karim, DCCI

  5. Chili, after the 1960 earthquake had taken it as a mission to implement national earth quake code, and few years back, when a large scale earthquake occurred in the country it suffered very little compared to other adjoining countries. So we should take the implementation of BNBC with the same motivation and work according to that.

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