Review on ‘Basics of Concrete Science by Dvorkin’


Book Name: BASICS OF CONCRETE SCIENCE: Optimum Design of Concrete Mixtures

Author: L. Dvorkin and O. Dvorkin

Definition of ConcreteConcrete is an stone like material that consists of Fine aggregate, Coarse Aggregate and some bonding agent. Generally Sand as fine aggregate, Stone as Coarse aggregate and cement as bonding agent are used. However, in some cases limestone can also be a bonding agent.

Basic Concept of Concrete by Dvorkin is a very good book on Concrete technology. It provides a precise and sophisticated knowledge about concrete. It describes the basic characteristics of concrete along with its structural behavior.It demonstrates about the coarse aggregates and fine aggregates properties to have good quality concrete.It also includes the tests that are performed to measure the strength of concrete on different ways.It includes on field test and laboratory tests for concrete strength measurement.

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