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  1. sir can u upload a book name, an introduction to the theory of aeroelasticity by yc fung

  2. sir can you upload a book name,an introduction to the theory of aeroelasticity by y.c fung

    • Fluid mechanics is used a lot in engineering disciplines. I am a civil engineering major and intern at and engineering company and from what I have learned from class and at work it is very important when designing water filtration systems and all aspects water supply to infrastructure. So, I know Civil engineer and Mechanical engineer are definitely two good jobs to research.

  3. sir I have need palli bidyut samity assistant general manager (AGM) Admin hr wrriten exam question

  4. is there a way to get a shared version.

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  6. Where is the link to download Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th Ed.?

  7. How I include with the site

  8. I’m looking for the solutions manual to accompany advanced strength and applied stress analysis

  9. I want to purchase BNBC code 2014. will you please guide me in this how to purchase and where should I get it.

  10. Please send bridge substructure design ,wall type pier, abutment design

  11. Need almost all civil Engineering-bachelor degree courses textbooks(e-book).

  12. I like to have this book but can not afford to buy it. Can I download it free as a pdf

  13. I want to ebooks

  14. Plz give rajuk previous question papers……for deploma eng.

  15. could you please send me the Principles of geotechnical engineering. Cheers

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