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Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations by Hicks

Books Name: Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Second Edition (McGraw-Hill Handbooks) Author/Writer: Tyler G. Hicks and S. David Hicks Publisher: Mc-Graw hill ISBN-13: 978-0-07-147293-7 ISBN-10: 0-07-147293-2 Edition: Second What is the other name of ‘Civil…

practical steel structures

Review on ‘Practical Design of Steel Structure by Karuna Moy Ghosh’

Books Name:Practical Design of Steel Structures by Karuna Moy Ghosh (2010-07-26) Author/Writer:Karuna Moy Ghosh Publisher: CRC Press ISBN: 978-1904445-92-0 USA ISBN 978-1-4398-3571-5 Edition: 1st Contents Chapter-1: General Principles and Practices Chapter-2: Structural Analysis and Design Chapter-3: Design of Gantry…

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Civil Engineering Formulas by Tyler G. Hicks (pdf)

Books Name: Civil Engineering Formulas, 2nd Edition Author/Writer: Tyler G. Hicks Publisher: Mc-Graw Hill ISBN: 0-07-139542-3 Edition: Chapter-1: Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice Chapter-2: Beam Formulas Chapter-3: Column Formulas Chapter-4: Piles and Piling Formulas Chapter-5: Concrete Formulas…