Circular Column Design Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Program Name: Circular Column Design Spreadsheet

This excel sheet follows ACI 318-11 code to design the circular column with spiral and without spirals(ties)

circular column design

Columns are structural member that carries load parallel to its neutral axis. Circular Column is a column that is circular in shape width-wise. Circular column has several advantage compared to rectangular column.

Advantage of Circular Column over Rectangular Column:

  • Resistance of bending of circular column is higher than rectangular column.
  • In circular columns there are no sharp corner to stress falls.
  • Circular column is better aesthetically and structurally.
  • It has less Moment of Inertia with the same perimeter.
  • Less space required for circular column than rectangular/square column.

Circular Column Design Excel Spreadsheet-Download From Here

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