Continuum Mechanics For Engineers by G. Thomas Mase

Books Name: Continuum Mechanics For

Author:  G. Thomas Mase and George  E. Mase


Size: 4 MB

Publisher: CRC Press

From the writer preface:

“Continuum mechanics is the fundamental basis upon which several graduate
courses in engineering science such as elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity, and
fluid mechanics are founded. With that in mind, this introductory treatment
of the principles of continuum mechanics is written as a text suitable for a
first course that provides the student with the necessary background in con-
tinuum theory to pursue a formal course in any of the aforementioned sub-
jects. We believe that first-year graduate students, or upper-level
undergraduates, in engineering or applied mathematics with a working
knowledge of calculus and vector analysis, and a reasonable.competency in
elementary mechanics will be attracted to such a course”
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