How to Find No. of Triangles Within a Triangle?

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Many people asked me to find an solution to the questions like find the Number of Triangles within a triangle.

I researched a lot to find the solution of this Problem and found the following Data:

b     n

1         1

2         5

3         13

4        27

5         48

6         78

7         118

8         170

Where b= No. of Triangles in any base of the equilateral triangle. and n= No. of Triangles contain in the given triangle. But this procedure is very difficult to memorize each of the triangle for each of the given triangle.


Formula for Determining the No.of Triangles:

A simplified formula for determining no. of triangles = n*(n+2)*(2n+1)/8

where n= No. of Triangles on each base intelligence test For the given problem on the picture Find the No. of triangles… No. of Triangles in the above picture = 6*(6+2)*(12+1)/8 =78 triangles. Hope this small trick will work for the learners.

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