Need ‘A First Course on Aerodynamics by Arnab Roy’?

Books Name: A First Course on Aerodynamics

Author: Arnab Roy

ISBN : 978-87-7681-926-2

Size: 4.7 MB


This book provides the very basic knowledge of Aerodynamics with fundamental basics and initial equations. The basic theories of Aerodynamics such as Thin Airfoil Theory, Finite Wing Theory are introduced in a very easy manner.  The field of aerodynamics consists of the motion of air around an object, such as an aircraft. The fundamentals of in-viscid compressible flow , Viscous Flow, and wind tunnels, Isotropic flow, stagnation condition, Normal Shock etc are focused in this book. Other topics that are included exact Viscous Flow Solutions, waves, boundary layer, and low speed supersonic speed wind tunnels etc. Each chapter are followed by multiple choice questions. This book is very essential to obtain the basic knowledge of Aerodynamics.

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