Interview Questions on Geotechnical Engineering



Q-1: What are the types of rock?

Answer: Rock are of three types– 1.Metamorphic rock 2. Igneous Rock 3.Sedimentary Rocks

Q-2: Define Soil.

Answer: Soil is a natural mixture of different constituents like organic matter,gases, liquids and minerals.

Q-3: What are the constituents of soil?

Answer: Organic mater,gases,liquids, minerals like quartz, silica and rock weathered compounds.

Q-4: Define Specific Gravity.

Answer: Specific gravity of soil is defined as the ratio of the unit weight of soil to the ratio of the unit weight of water at the same temperature.

Q-5: What is the dividing sieve between Coarse aggregate and Fine Aggregate?

Answer: 4.75 mm Sieve

Q-6: What is the Effective Size of soil?

Answer: The soil grain diameter that is 10% finer in particle size distribution curve is termed as effective size of the soil.

Q-7: Define Uniformity Co-efficient(Cu).

Answer: Uniformity Coefficient is defined as the ration of the particle diameter of 60% finer and 10% finer in the particle size distribution curve.

Uniformity Coefficient=uniformity coefficient


Q-8: Define Co-efficient of Gradation(Cc)

Answer: coefficient of gradation

Q-9: What is Void Ratio?

Answer- Void Ratio is defined as the ration of volume of voids to the volume of soil mass in a soil sample.

void ratio

Q-10: Define Porosity.

Answer: Porosity (n) is defined as the ratio of volume of voids to the volume of soil mass in a soil sample.

Q-11: What is Degree of Saturation (S)?

Answer: Degree of saturation(S) is the ration of volume of water to the volume of voids.

Degree of Saturation

Q-12: What is the relationship between void ratio and porosity?

Answer: relationship between void ratio and porosity


Q-13: How would you calculate the moisture content of a soil mass?


Answer: Moisture content is defined as the ratio of weight of water to the weight  of soil solids.


moisture content determination formula


Q-14: What is unit weight of soil?


Answer: Unit weight is defined as the weight per unit Volume.


unit weight


Q-16: What is Density?


Answer: Mass per unit volume is defined as density of soil mass.


Q-17: Draw a typical phase relationship diagram.


Answer:phase relationships


Q-18: What are the four states of soil?


Answer: Solid,semi-solid,plastic and liquid.


Q-19:  What is Shrinkage Limit?


Answer: Shrinkage limit is the minimum water content at which the soil mass transfers its state from solid to semi-solid state.


Q-20: What is Plastic Limit?


Answer: Plastic limit is the minimum water content at which the soil mass changes its state from semi-solid to plastic state.


Q-21: What is Liquid Limit?


Answer: Liquid limit is the minimum water content at which the soil mass change its states from plastic limit to liquid limit.


Q-22: What is Flow Index?


Answer: The slope of the flow curve is termed as flow index.


Mathematically, flow index

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