How to Make an IPS and Transformer in Home

IPS (Instant Power Supply) and transformers are very much needed electronics in our day to day life. Because of Increased load shedding IPS become a part and parcel of life to the many people. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make an IPS nad Transformer with the local materials and everything that is near to your hand.

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2 Comments on "How to Make an IPS and Transformer in Home"

  1. dear brother
    I want to make a 800-1000w transformer for ips. I have bought all component to make it.
    here is the list.
    SWG 21 for primary winding,
    SWG 12 for secondary winding,
    4.5 inch
    The transformer is make by 12-0-12V secondry and 0/N-140-220-260V
    Plz help me to find out how many turn will be in primary winding and secondary winding

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