Residential structural Design Guide : 2000 Edition

Books Name: Residential Structural Design Guide: 2000 Edition

Author/Writer: US Department of Housing and Urban Development(Office of Policy Development and Research)

Publisher: Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing



Residential Structural Design Guide: 2000 Edition is a book on residential construction. Residential Buildings needs to be accessing from the preliminary phase to the in built condition of the building.In each and every phase a close monitoring is needed and therefor you may need to know what are steps on constructing a residential building. This book first published by US department of Housing and Urban Development (Office of Policy Development and Research) in 1984 and till then it is serving  the role of god residential building construction.

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  1. edwin ildefonso | February 26, 2016 at 4:44 am |

    The book is entitled “Residential Building Construction” and not Residential Structural Design Guide. Worst it cannot be downloaded at Any other links please?

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