Shear Wall Design Excel spreadsheet


Shear Wall Excel Sheet Download

Shear wall is a wall designed to resist lateral pressure. In most of the cases it is designed to withstand with the wind and seismic loads in any civil structure. It is avertical element of any civil structure and generally adopted in multi-storied buildings. In places where there is a possibility of high seismic loads and wind action, it is must to use for achieving the best lateral load resisting capacity.A Shear wall could be of two types in terms of it load bearing capacity–

  • Load Bearing shear wall
  • Non-Load Bearing shear wall

Shear wall materials could be concrete or wood. Generally concrete is adopted for its higher load bearing capacity and for its good rigidity.

Generally it is built around the staircase or lift area.

The download link for the  excel sheet follows the ACI 318-11 code.
Download shear wall design Excel sheet From Here

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