Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Books Name: Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Publisher: Computers and Structures Inc.,USA

Page: 423

Chapter Headings:

Chapter 1:Material Properties

Chapter 2: Equilibrium and Compatibility

Chapter 3: Energy and Work

Chapter 4: One Dimensional Elements

Chapter 5: Isoparametric Elements

Chapter 6: Incompatibile Elements

Chapter 7: Boundary Conditions and General Constraints

Chapter 8: Plate Bending Elements

Chapter 9: Membrane Element with Normal Rotations

Chapter 10: Shell Elements

Chapter 11: Geometric Stiffness and P-Delta Effects

Chapter 12: Dynamic Analysis

Chapter 13: Dynamic Analysis Using Mode Superposition

Chapter 14: Calculation of Stiffness and Mass Orthogonal Vectors

Chapter 15: Dynamic Analysis Using Response Spectrum Seismic Loading

Chapter 16: Soil Structure Interaction

Chapter 17: Seismic Analysis Modeling to Satisfy Building Codes

Chapter 18: Fast Nonlinear Analysis

Chapter 19: Linear Viscous Damping

Chapter 20: Dynamic Analysis Using Numerical Integration

Chapter 21: Nonlinear Elements

Chapter 22: Seismic Analysis Using Displacement Loading

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