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Books Name: Two Way Slab Design Excel Sheet


Slab is a broad and flat structural member mainly used on modern building. The length and width of slab is much higher than that of its thickness.Generally slab thickness varies between 4 to 20 inches where as its length and width varies between 10 to 40 feets. In some cases slab thickness may be between 2 to 4 inches thick and such slabs are called as mud slab.
In structural terms slab could be deigned in two ways i.e. One Way Slab and Two Way Slab.
One way slab has supports on two of its sides and carries load on one direction only. Therefore design of one way slab is simple and easy.
On the other way, two way slab can have supports on all of its sides depending on the circumstances and can resist loads in both direction and also can resit bending and torsion.Design of two way slab are comparatively difficult.

This excel sheet contains two way slab design procedure using ACI 318-11 code and using finite element method.

Two Way Slab Design Excel Sheet


Two Way Slab Design Excel Sheet Download From Here


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