Surveying is a major part of any civil engineering works. Now a days survey works are mandatory in all types of civil engineering works to ensure proper volume of works and to ensure quality.

Surveying is the art of measuring something or pointing out any point to do perfection in works. It could be done by terrestrial means or on land. Surveying done on the surface of the earth is termed as Land Survey and the people who does land survey are termed as Land Surveyor.

Building a career in surveying gets much value both in social respect and monetary value. A land surveyor earns $20000-$40000 annually which is sufficient to lead a good life.

Surveying has become a part of human since the ancient civilization to modern era. Ancient people used surveying for land demarcation and property management.

If anyone wants to learn surveying books are mandatory for the modern different types of surveying. Uses of modern tools and inventions in the field of surveying made it more complex prior to the previous decades.So to learn surveying, one should have some good books on surveying and keep on reading them. Besides reading good books to be a expert in different types of modern surveying, the surveyor needs to practice the surveying rules and work experience on field.

Today we will discuss about five best basic surveying books for the learners and undergraduate students-

  • Elemenatry Surveying:An Introduction to Geomatics by Charles D. Ghilani and Paul R. Wolf-14th ed.
  • Surveying:Principles and Applications(9th ed.) by Barry Kavanagh and Tom Mastin
  • Schaum’s Outline of Introductory Surveying by
  • Surveying Fundamentals and Practices(6th ed.) by  Philip Kissam Late Professor Emeritus 
  • Construction Surveying and Layout: A Step-By-Step Field Engineering Methods Manual (3rd Edition)3rd Edition by Wesley G. Crawford