Money belongs to everything!!!!

OK, modern world is very much money depended and a lot of projects are still running on the world. But there is some projects which cost is even crosses some of the total budget of some small countries!!!

Here we are listing some of the biggest megaprojects in the world.

1.  The InterstateHighway System

The interstate highway System is a project in USA and is intended to connect the states of the USA. The interstate highway system project was started in 1955 and total cost of the project was USD 459 billion.


2. The International Space Station

The international space station settled up in the orbit of the earth is the second largest megaproject in terms of money. The cost of this station is ongoing. The total cost of international space station is USD 150 Billion.


3. King Abdullah Economic City

The estimated cost of king abdullah economic city is USD 86 Billion and suppose to introduce Saudi Arabia as a economically strong city.The estimated completion of the city is 2020.

king-abdullah-economic-city4. California High Speed Rail Project

The estimated cost of this project is about USD 98.5 Billion.


5. DubaiLand

The estimated cost of this project is about USD 76 Billion. The project was started in 2003 and comprises of 250 projects.