free books

Engineers often in need of downloading books as the books are always costly and can cost around 200-500 USD to buy any single book. Why would you buy books when you have an online copy or PDF version of the book is available?So this post is for those students who wants to read a lot, study a lot from the books but are depriving of proper sources.
There are several websites on the web from where you can download E-books. Here we are giving the most enhanced and sourced 05 websites:



The website link is . This a very famous website on free books download and can provide you books on almost all topics. There are a huge collection of books. The only demerits of this website is the download link is on websites which do not offer to download one books at time if you are not a premium member.

2. Free E-Books

The website URL is Free E-books is a very good website for downloading books on different categories. You can also submit your own created E-book here too.

3. 4shared

The website URL is .Although 4shared is not dedicated only to books but to many other things but 4shared is very important and good for downloading books. You can search for E-books by the name or by the author name and you have to wait for about 20 seconds each time you want to download a pdf version of  each book.

4. Scribd

The website URL is . is dedicated to all kjnd of paper works of  institutional documents in the PDF,DOC,or PPT format. You can find your study materials for 100% free here. But to download the necessary documents for free you have to upload one or more genuine documents that is not present in the scribd. You will get access to download just after you have uploaded your genuine documents.


The website URL is . The website provides books mainly on engineering especially on civil engineering. You can find books on software tutorial. There are also a lot of learning topics on civil engineering and you can learn a lot from the posts. The books and study materials are 100% free of cost and you will have no obligation in downloading the books