What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. It deals with construction sectors like bridges,highways,buildings,dams,tunnels and much more etc. It is a branch of Engineering that mainly deals with the people’s daily needs for their safety and ease of communication. Therefore a civil engineer is often called as an Social Engineer because Civil Engineer mainly deals with the affairs that is much needed by any society to lead them to prosperity.

Reasons for Choosing Civil Engineering as Career

We need a career( of course, a better one) to maintain our daily needs. As the world becoming complex ever than before we need to choose a career that is much more needed by the society. Civil Engineering is such a profession by which you can maintain your living status as well as you can serve your society too. The 5 reasons why you should study Civil Engineering and why you should take it as your career are mentioned below.

# Payment is Higher

Of course, we do work for our society. But working only for society does not mean you should not have a well maintained family.All of us need money to maintain our daily life and that is what Civil Engineering pay for. Payment for a Civil Engineer are often higher than others general profession. As a technical person you can earn approximately $60000 to $150000 yearly if you build your career as a Civil Engineer.With the roll of the years your salary will obviously increase depending on your type of job and your capability. Isn’t its great?

# Job Status is higher

Being as a Civil Engineer your social status will undoubtedly be considered as one of the top. People will love to talk with you and your post will be dignified with your work. When you complete your project or task people will remember you for the years with high value. You will also be considered as the top citizen of your country.

# Scope to Prove Your Capabilities

If you want to prove your capabilities,Civil Engineering would be most suitable for you. If you are a hard worker, you can work multi billion dollar projects.If you are a tech freak, then you have the opportunity to work with model analysis and much more. As Civil Engineering are closely related with the technology and real life you have the opportunity to shine your career.You want office job,Civil Engineer has the office job.If you want to work with the people

# Diversified Job Sector

Civil Engineering have five major branches-Structural Engineering,Geotechnical Engineering,Transportation Engineering,Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. All of the branches are closely related to nature and technology. Therefore, where there is a project there is Civil Engineering works. So it is a part and parcel of all engineering works. Moreover, as infrastructure development of a country is continuous process so Civil Engineering works has never ending demand. All of the countries now concentrated on infrastructure development and proper use of land,water,environment etc. Therefore need for an Cil Engineer is an unending process.

# Countless Job and Research Opportunity

Civil Engineering has countless job opportunity all over the world. If you want to do job in your village it is also possible through building a career in Civil Engineering. The range of works for Civil Engineers starts from minor sector to major sector. Therefore you have countless job in government organizations and in many companies and construction firms. Moreover, in real estate sector,in highway construction sector,water resources management sector and in almost all of the world’s biggest projects need specialized Civil Engineers.So, if you build your career in Civil Engineering you have enormous opportunity to shine in your life. There is also has great opportunity for those who have interest in research. You can do research intensively for the development of Civil Engineering topics and get good recognition.