So, you are planning to visit China, but don’t have any idea about how to speak Chinese? Or maybe you are just too much keen to get this language added to your list of expertise? A couple of decades ago, learning a new language was no easy feat. However, now with the advent of technology, several tools are every day helping people learn new skills and expand their horizons, all from the comforts of their home.

But, this availability of a whole lot of tools can sometimes get puzzling. Therefore, we’ve done the legwork for those of you planning to learn Chinese. Here’s a list of six most efficient tools, which will fast-track your learning program.

  1. Remembering Simplified Hanzi:

Remembering Simplified Hanzi is the book featuring 1500 characters written by a boy who memorized 3000 characters in just a year. With the process of generating memorable stories, this book makes not only the reading but also the writing part, more comfortable for even the beginners. It is believed that a program is working upon the process of coming up with its another part that would be including other 1500 characters making it all to 3000.

  1. Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta stone is already popular for being the most useful tool that can help people out in learning new languages. This tool includes every level of mandarin language from a beginner to the expert. Although, it is considered as somehow a slow tool, but the best part is that it involves the process of including some visual object or an action with the word, thus making the learning more accessible.

  1. Youku:

Youku is the Chinese version of YouTube which includes different programming videos in their language for both children and adults. There are several Chinese language learning tools on web that can help people out with the process and thus make them learn Chinese. All one needs in here is to subscribe to the channel, get notified about every latest video uploaded and learn while watching the video.

  1. Pleco:

Pleco is a mobile application, available for both Android and iOS. Using this, a person can have a complete guide to the Chinese language in their pocket. It comes up with free CEDICT dictionary already installed and allows people to get more of the premium dictionaries downloaded. Apart from dictionaries, this application has many other paid add-ons including audio recordings, handwriting recognizer and many more.

  1. Chrome Zhongwen and Firefox Perakun:

Chrome Zhongwen and Firefox Perakun are the two plugins which can also be considered as the Chinese interpreters. After being added into the web browser, as a person mouse-over the Chinese text, these plugins identify the word and provide a complete definition and information for the same

  1. Online language learning courses:

It becomes quite difficult sometimes, for a person to learn any new language by themselves. Online courses turn out to become the best language learning tools in such situations. One can opt for any of the available courses to learn and become a Chinese language pro.