Books Name: Advanced Structural Dynamics and Active Control of Structures (pdf)

GawronskiAdvanced Structural Dynamics and Active Control of Structures by

Advanced Structural Dynamics and Active Control of Structures(pdf)

Author: Wodek  K. Gawronski

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0-387-10619-2

Structural Engineering is one of the most important sub-subject of civil engineering. Advanced Structural Dynamics and Active Control of Structures is a very good book for researching and studying dynamics of structures and active control of structures. Different types of structural models are illustrated in this book and some chapters are also added to the previous version of this book named ‘Dynamics and Control of Structure’ from the same author. Three new chapters named special models, Modal Actuators and Sensors and System Identification are added in the chapters no :3 , 8 and 9 respectively. In analysis of dynamics of structures the technology has also changed and developed therefore the authors included the following topic on this book:

  • Second order differential euations were used to solve the state-apace models and modal analysis.
  • Various control system method like grammians,Markov parameters,controllability and observability,system norms etc are described in various chapters.
  • To solve control problems modal models and model independence are used.
  • The models and problems are used are based on practical problems and real life considerations.
  • This book also considers some approximate analysis that will certainly help the engineers.

To read or use or make the proper use of this book, the reader needs some basic knowledge of concrete structures and dynamics of structures. This book is mainly for M. Sc. in civil engineering or for Ph. D.

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So, let’s enjoy this book: