Books Name: Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics & Construction: Proceedings of an International Conference on Advances in Engineering Structures, … 2006 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)

Author: M. Pandey , Wei Chau Xie, Lei Xu

Engineering structures history has been revolutionized in recent century. Theories , Mechanics and construction procedures in engineering structures are also modified and got revolutionized. A huge change amd modification in theories and mechanics put an positive value the high rise building structures and steel structures. Present days structural system are based on effective of the researches and experiments done in the laboratory.

Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics and Construction is a very good book to illustrate the historical changes that has been take place in advancement in engineering structural system and application of modern mechanics and analysis procedure in structural design.

This advanced book illustrates the effect of different types of chemical and environmental factors. for concrete structures effect of sulphur,sulphide and sulphur based compounds,shear design provisions, damage assessment, damage model under finite deformation, Damage states of masonry shear walls, seismic behavior of column to foundation, air void stability and behavior of bridge deck stability mechanism, Compressive strength testing and evaluation of shear design methods are discussed.

Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics and Construction also describes about the steel structure and its properties under different loading conditions. Properties and uses of steel thin walled members, strengthening of bridges and steel materials used in bridges and large structures, stainless steel behavior under seismic loading, empirical analysis, axially loaded columns, elasto plastic finite element analysis and stressing of high tensile rope and woire are also discussed.

In the steel structure section this book also describes the using procedure of ‘Plastique’ which is a computer program to analyze the 3D inelastic analysis of structures.

Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics and Construction also describes the following section in structural design and analysis section:

  • Cold Formed Steel
  • Engineering Mechanics and Applied mathematics
  • Structural Optimization
  • Engineering Reliability
  • Construction Management

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