Books Name: Aluminium Structures- A Guide to their Specifications and Design

aluminium structures pdf download

aluminium structures pdf

Author: J. Randolph Kissell and R. L. Ferry (The TGB partnership)

ISBN:  0-471-01965-8

Aluminium is a important structural unit in any structures of present days. In case of light weight structures,  it is very much important to use metal that is very much light and have enough strength to stay with the load coming to it. Aluminium provides the best solution to this problem. So for any civil or structural engineering it is very much needed to know the properties of aluminium along with its structural behavior. More over aluminium can be easily be bent and can be of any desired shape that gives the structure a shiny, effective and great silver look. Aluminium is also corrosion and fungus resistant which gives it a better option to be used instead of structural steel. This book provided a  way for the designers to design any structure with aluminium and its compounds. Aluminium Structures by J. R. Kissell and R.L. Ferry is a complete book on aluminium structure that provides the very best solution for the structural design for one stop solution.

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