Book Name: An Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems

Author: Derek Atherton

ISBN : 978-87-7681-790-9

Size: 5.93 MB


The book provides the very basic knowledge of the nonlinear systems and control methodology for this type of systems. First of all, it represents nonlinearity and its possible effects the use of phase plane methods for nonlinear second order systems. The following chapters focus the describing function method and its applications in the determination of limit cycles, stability analysis, the formulation of unique nonlinear behavior, the Tsypkin approach how in feedback loops with a relay nonlinearity any limit cycles and their stability can be found exactly. The book also discusses limit cycles with a sliding mode and multipulse limit cycles, controller tuning based on limit cycle data, absolute stability methods for a nonlinear feedback loop with a single nonlinearity with highlighting located on frequency domain methods to allow relationship with describing function results. Finally several methods for the design of nonlinear systems are discussed.