Books Name: Applied Statistics and Probabilities for Engineers

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Author/Writer: Douglas C. Montgomery  and George C. Runger
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons.

ISBN: 0-471-20454-4

Edition: 3rd Edition

Applied Statistics and Probabilities for Engineers is a very fundamental book  on statistics and probabilities series of john wiley & sons. Every engineering student and learners need to take statistics and probabilities as fundamental course in undergraduate study. This book will help the young engineers and learners to know the basic of the statistics procedure and will also help to study the probability analysis procedure.

Readers who has completed the basic of mathematics will find it easy to follow the instruction of the book as the text were written to help understanding.


Chapter-1: The role of statistics in engineering

Chapter-2: Probability

Chapter-3: Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Chapter-4: Continuous  Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Chapter-5: Joint Probability Distributions

Chapter-6: Random Sampling and Data Description

Chapter-7: Point Estimation of Parameters

Chapter-8: Statistical Intervals for a Single Sample

Chapter-9: Tests of Hypotheses for a single Sample

Chapter-10: Statistical Inference for Two Samples




Chapter-14 Design of Experiments with Several Factors:

Chapter-15:Non-parametric Parameter Statistics

Chapter-16: Statistical Quality control

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D



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