Books Name: AutoCAD: Secrets Every User Should Know

Author/writer: Dan Abbott

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 978-0-470-10993-9

Size: 18.32 MB

AUTOCAD Secrets every user should know  is a very good book to learn autocad.AutoCad is a worldwide renowned computer software that is generally used by the engineers and architects. This computer aided design software has made the life of the engineers more meaningful and useful. By the help of this software very precise drawing and detailing of the structures and other materials can be easily done. This book illustrates some topics and secrets that every user of Autocad must have to know and should know to make his design more that its wirth.

Chapters included in AUTOCAD Secrets every user should know (pdf) are:

Chapter-1: Auto Cad productivity

Chapter-2: Managing your system

Chapter-3: Customizing the AutoCad Interface

Chapter-4: Applying Graphics Standards

Chapter-5: Symbols, Tables and fields

Chapter-6: Plotting

Chapter-7: AutoCad Scripts

Chapter-8: Auto LISP By Example: Getting started

Chapter-9: Auto LISP By Example: Getting better

Chapter-10: 3D for Everyone

Chapter-11: Auto Cad puzzlers