Books Name: Automation,Production Sytems and CIMAutomation,Production Systems and CIM

Author: Groover

Chapter-1: Introduction

Chapter-2: Manufacturing Operations

Chapter-3: Introduction to Automation

Chapter-4: Industrial Control Systems

Chapter-5: Sensors,Actuators and other Control System Components

Chapter-6: Numerical Control

Chapter-7: Industrial Robotics

Chapter-8: Discrete Control using Programmable Logic Controllers and Personal Computers

Chapter-9: Introduction to Material Handling

Chapter-10: Material Transport System

Chapter-11: Storage Systems

Chapter-12: Automatic Data Capture

Chapter-13: Introduction to Manufacturing Systems

Chapter-14: Single Station Manufacturing Process

Chapter-15: Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing

Chapter-16: Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Chapter-17: Manufacturing Assembly Lines

Chapter-18: Transfer Lines and Automated Manufacturing Systems

Chapter-19: Automated Assembly Systems

Chapter-20: Introduction to Quality Assurance

Chapter-21: Statistical Process Control

Chapter-22: Inspection Principles and Practices

Chapter-23: Inspection Technologies