welcome, Structural Engineers.

This is a very basic post for you. Many of us started using different structural analysis software. Indeed, it is very much needed  to design today’s big/huge/massive skyscrapers. Wait, wait, I know you also want to design those skyscrappers. Every civil/structural engineer wants to design a massive structure because he wants everyone remember him through his works. For this, you should have a proper knowledge about the structural analysis software like SAP2000,Staad Pro,Etabs and many more.

OK, today we are going to discuss about SAP2000 and Staad pro. OK, say to me, which one is better? Yes, I know you are confused like me.

Both of the software has been used all over the world and for designing massive structures these two software packages were awesome. But before choosing the best one you may need to know something more about them.

# Comparison Between SAP2000 and STAAD Pro

  • Location to which they are broadly used

SAP 2000: America,Latin America, Spain,Portugal mainly with many other countries of the world.

STAAD Pro: Broadly used in Asia and United Kingdom with many other countries of the world.

  • Both of the software uses Finite Element Analysis Method(is a Numerical Modelling Technique). This is the most used technique to know the undetermined forces/reactions or any value.  This method can be used in structures in case of static or dynamic loading cases. But in some cases, this technique has some limitation
  • Both of them are generic FEM analysis software.

N.B.: Try to not be dependent on the reinforcement detailing provided by these software because reinforcement detailing may vary depending upon real life situations.