Books Name: Beneficial Uses of Dredged material 

Author/Writer: US Army

Dredged material is a very important material in civil works. Often people use the dredged material and could not make the best use of it. To use the dredged material to its best form , the use should be economically approved and ecologically safe.

Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material by US Army is a manual to make the best use of the dredged material. This manual gives an engineer for planning, developing and managing dredged material for beneficial uses taking the concepts of biological, economical and social feasibility.

Chapters Included in this book are:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Dredged Material as a Resource

Chapter 3: Logistical Considerations

Chapter 4: Habitat Development

Chapter 5: Wetland Habitats

Chapter 6: Upland Habitats

Chapter 7: Island Habitats

Chapter 8: Aquatic Habitats

Chapter 9: Beaches and Beach Nourishment

Chapter 10: Aquaculture

Chapter 11: Parks and Recreation

Chapter 12: Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry

Chapter 13: Strip Mine Reclamation And Solid

Chapter 14: Multipurpose Uses and Other Land

Chapter 15: Construction and Industrial/Commercial Uses

Chapter 16: Baseline and Monitoring Studies

Chapter 17: Site Valuation

Appendix A Bibliography

Appendix B Plant Materials for Beneficial Use Sites

Appendix C Examples of beneficial use development on dredged material sites in North American waterways