Books Name:Bridge Engineering: Construction and Maintenance

bridge engineering construction and maintenance pdf

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Author/Writer:Wai Fah Chen and Lian Duan
Publisher:CRC Press
ISBN: 0-8493-1684-7

Bridge engineering is one of the most toughest engineering subjects. Bridge Engineering consists of a lot of thinking of science and includes a huge invest and money flow. So it is very much needed to design any bridge  economically and construct it with proper knowledge and maintenance option keeping alive.

There are four volumes in this series in bridge engineering and the authors were experienced and careful about the construction and maintenance of bridge engineering over the different countries of the world. So they adopted the latest technology details in Bridge Engineering: Construction and Maintenance book.



1. Steel Bridge Construction

2. Concrete Bridge Construction

3. Substructures of Major Over water Bridges

4. Bridge Construction Inspection

5. Maintenance Inspection and Rating

6. Strengthening and Rehabilitation

7. Cable Force Adjustment and Construction Control