Books Name: Building Construction Handbook

Author Name: Roy Chudley and R. Greeno

This is a very good book on building construction. It includes all the information necessary to build a good house. For the years this book helped the engineers,architects and students with the basic knowledge provided on it. This books about the material selection, materials properties, different drawings and their respective notations, construction parts and associated data. This book gives a concise knowledge over site selection facilities that should be on site during the construction and after the construction. Different types of machineries and their uses in structure are also described to give its users a precise look over the construction process. Su-structure, soil stabilization, different types of foundation and their uses are also discussed. Super structure, form work needed,types of concreting,roof construction,slab construction,beam and column construction,thermal insulation,panel works, long span design etc are discussed with precision.

This book also describes about the different types of internal works and finishing works and others needed to present the house in a good condition.

Hope this book will help the engineers,teachers,students and learners.