Book Name: Building Material

Author: S.K. Duggal


This book is very helpful for the students of Civil Engineering. Building materials trends are changing day by day. This book aims at providing students with the up to date information about the building materials used all over the world. Details of the materials are given with their manufacturing and fabrication process.

Important mechanical and physical properties, influences of various factors on these properties, the causes of defects, their prevention and remedies, testing of materials

are discussed in this book very thoroughly and nicely. Use of different materials in building construction and their proper utilizing process are also discussed in brief.

Materials are the most important part of any civil engineering design. Every practicing civil engineer needs to deal with civil engineering materials. This book familiarize the reader with the commonly used materials in civil engineering construction with their possible characteristics. This book also describes the pros and cons of each material so that the engineer can decide the best material for his construction works.