Books Name: CAD/CAM/CIM

Author: P. Radhakrishnan, S.Subramanyan, V. Raju

CAD,CAM and CIM is very important to the managers and engineers who are involved in manufacturing process. In modern days manufacturing cost minimization is effectively done by the effective use of the CAD,CAM,CIM computer based programmes. At present competitive world it is very much needed to enhance the quality of the product with superior features and of course ata effective cost. To have this problem to be solved this 3rd edition of this book any manufacturing managers and engineers must need this book.

Chapter-1: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Chapter -2: Product Development Through CIM

Chapter-3: Principles of Computer Graphics

Chapter-4: Computer Hardware

Chapter-5:  Operating Systems and Environments

Chapter-6: Geometric Modeling Techniques

Chapter-7: Finite Element Modelling and Analysis in CIM

Chapter-8: CIM Database and Data base Management Systems

Chapter-9: Computer Aided Process Planning

Chapter-10: Planning of Resources for Manufacturing Through Information Systems

Chapter-11: Manufacturing Automation

Chapter-12: CNC Machine Tools

Chapter-13: Robots in Computer Aided Manufacturing

Chapter-14: Computer Aided Quality Control

Chapter-15: Fundamentals of Networking

Chapter-16: Collaborative Engineering

Chapter-17:Graphic Standards

Chapter-18: CIM Models

Chapter-19: Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Chapter-20: Simulation in Manufacturing