Books Name: Mark’s Calculations For Machine Design

Author: Thomas H. Brown Jr.

Publisher: Mc-Graw Hill

ISBN: 0-07-146691-6

Machine design is one of the major subjects in the field of mechanical engineering. This book could be also useful for civil engineering students and engineers as details of beams reactions, shear force and bending moment and deflection are also discussed.

This book could be useful as the basic of strength of materials and associated theories to design machine are presented simultaneously.

This book starts its journey with the fundamental knowledge about different types of loading like axial loading, torsion, bending, direct shear etc. Then the author discussed about the effect of various loading on beam and simultaneously presented the reactions, shear force and bending moment diagrams and distribution through a beam.

The book also discusses about the advanced load like thermal loading and stress induced by thermal expansion and contraction.

Combination of loading’s and its cumulative effect are also described in the chapter no. 3. Different types of stresses and the use of Mohr’s circle to find the principal stress is simplified.

Fatigue and dynamic designs and theories that is applicable to machines like machine energy. Machine assembly, machine motion etc. are discussed in chapter no. 8, 9 and 10 in this book. Hope you will enjoy this book.