Excel Sheet Name: California Bearing Ratio-CBR

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AASHTO Designation: T-193

ASTM Designation: ASTM D1883

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Calculation is one of the most complicated calculation in civil engineering tests.

Generally CBR test is done to determine the penetration of road sub-base or embankment or ISG layer.  California Department of Transportation invented CBR test before World War II .

Load required to penetrate a standard sample with a specified area with a specified compaction procedure is determined. After that, a graph of Load (KN) vs . Penetration (mm) is drawn. Then Dry density (kg/m3) vs. % CBR graph is plotted and required value is obtained.

How to Use This Excel Sheel?

At first go to the sheet named CAN and input the specified can weights that will be in use during testing. After then go to the excel sheet named CBR and input the value in the yellow boxes. Then , you will have all other calculations completed and plots of Load(KN) VS. Penetration(mm) and Dry Density(kg/m3) vs. % CBR.

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California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Calculation -Excel Sheet