Excel Sheet Name: Cast-in-Place Pile Design Based on ACI 318-14

Pile foundation is a type of deep foundation. It is one of the best foundation type most suitable for the soil type where there is a possibility of differential settlement. It is often used to transfer super-structure loads to any of the hard strata through weak, compressible soil of water.

Pile foundation are widely used all over the world for its ease of completion and relatively low cost. Piles are often driven to a certain depth of the ground depending on the soil types and design. These riven piles are then connected to pile caps to carry the superstructure loads uniformly over all the load carrying area.

The need of pile foundation is determined through soil investigation report. Depending upon the soil characteristics types of pile, length of pile etc has to be determined.

Depending upon the casting piles can be broadly divided into two types-

  • Pre-cast pile
  • Cast-in-situ pile

Design of cast-in-situ piles are depends on many factors such as loading,site condition,soil type and much more.

To design cast-in-situ pile by hand calculation is a troublesome work. Therefore it is necessary to implement easy processes. Here we are presenting the excel sheet to design cast-in-situ pile.

This excel sheet is a complete solution for the designers who want to design cast-in-situ pile. This excel sheet is prepared based on ACI(American Concrete Institute) 318-14 code. Moreover, you can design the pile based on seismic analysis through this cast-in-situ pile design excel sheet.

Download Cast-in-Situ Pile Design Excel Sheet From Here