Excel Program Name: Circular Column Design Spreadsheet

Columns are one of the important element in any type of building structure. They carry the load imposed upon the structure.
There are several types of columns. Usually used columns are-

  • Circular Column
  • Square Column
  • Long Columns
  • Short Columns
  • Slender Column etc.

There are several methods and codes by which you can design a circular and square columns. But the most popular method and codes are described in ACI 318-11. Almost all of the countries in the world follow ACI 318-11 code to design various types of columns.

This excel sheet follows ACI 318-11 code to design the circular column with spiral and without spirals(ties)

Columns are the structural member that carries load parallel to its neutral axis. Circular Column is a column that is circular in shape width-wise. The circular column has several advantages compared to the rectangular column.

The advantage of Circular Column over Rectangular Column:

  • The resistance of bending of a circular column is higher than the rectangular column.
  • In circular columns, there is no sharp corner to stress falls.
  • The circular column is better aesthetically and structurally.
  • It has less Moment of Inertia with the same perimeter.
  • Less space required for circular column than rectangular/square column.

Circular Column Design Excel Spreadsheet-Download From Here