Books Name: Civil Engineering Formulas, 2nd Edition

Author/Writer: Tyler G. Hicks
Publisher: Mc-Graw Hill
ISBN: 0-07-139542-3

Chapter-1: Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice

Chapter-2: Beam Formulas

Chapter-3: Column Formulas

Chapter-4: Piles and Piling Formulas

Chapter-5: Concrete Formulas


Chapter-7: Surveying Formulas

Chapter-8: Soil and Earthwork Formulas

Chapter-9: Building and Structures Formulas

Chapter-10: Bridge and Suspension Cable Formulas

Chapter-11: Highway Formulas

Chapter-12: Hydraulics and Waterworks Formulas

Civil Engineering is one of the major part of engineering & technology. Civil engineering students and learners has to learn a lot of formulas during their study.Tlhe number of formulas are huge and it is very difficult for anyone to remember all of them when necessary. Civil Engineering Formula by Tyler G. Hicks solves the problem of memorizing a lot of formulas by gathering them and putting a good and informative way to remember them. Tyler G. Hicks presented all of the necessary formulas of civil engineering in one book so that ,the engineer and students do not need to maintain their own formula book or carry a lot of books with them.

The text are written in following the basic concept to higher research method so that they become highly informative and can be used easily by the learners and users.