Books Name: Civil Engineering Hydraulics

Author/Writer:R.E. Featherstone & C. Nalluri
Publisher:Blackwell Science
ISBN: 0-632-03863-2

Hydraulics is one of the major subjects in civil engineering undergraduate and post graduate course. It is one of toughest subjects. Often ,students get scared of this subject as huge mathematical problems are associated with this subject and they are often hard to realize.
Civil Engineering Hydraulics is a very good book for learning hydraulics related to civil engineering. The theories and problems are well demonstrated and solved.

Chapter-1: Properties of Fluids

Chapter-2:Fluid Statics

Chapter-3: Fluid Flow Concepts and Measurements

Chapter-4: Flow of Incompressible Fluids in Pipelines

Chapter-5: Pipe Network Analysis

Chapter-6: Pump-pipeline System Analysis and Design

Chapter-7: Boundary Layers on Flat Plates and in Ducts

Chapter-8: Steady Flow in Open Channels

Chapter-9: Dimensional Analysis,Siumilitude and Hydraulic Models

Chapter-10: Ideal Fluid and Curvilinear Flow

Chapter-11: Gradually Varied Unsteady Flow from Reservoirs

Chapter-12: Mass Oscillations and Pressure Transients in Pipelines

Chapter-13: Unsteady Flow in Channels

Chapter-14: Uniform Flow in Loose-Boundary Channels

The main aspect of this book is there is a lot of worked problems related to hydraulics. Channel flow including steady and unsteady one are also discussed.Different ideal fluids and their functions and characteristics are also demonstrated.