Books Name: Code of Practice for The Structural Use of Steel

Publisher: Buildings Department (Hong Kong)

Steel structures are dominating type of structures in recent world. So the code of practice for this type of structures is very much needed one. This book will certainly help the engineers regarding this issue.


Chapter-1: General

Chapter-2: Limit State Design Philosophy

Chapter-3: Materials

Chapter-4: Load Factors and Material Factors

Chapter-5: Serviceability Limit States

Chapter-6: Design Methods and Analysis

Chapter-7: Section Classification

Chapter-8: Design of Structural Members

Chapter-9: Connections

Chapter-10: Composite Construction

Chapter-11: Design of Cold Formed Steel Sections and Sheet Profiles

Chapter-12: Fire Resistant Design

Chapter-13: Performance Based Design Guidance for Particular Types of Structures Including Guidance on General Maintenance of Steel Structures

Chapter-14: Fabrication and Erection

Chapter-15: Accuracy of Fabrication and Erection

Chapter-16: Loading Tests

Chapter-17: Guidance for Evaluation and Modification of Existing Structures

Code of Practice for The Structural Use of Steel