Definition of Column:

In any structure, column is a very important structural member. Column is a structural member  which carries the load longitudinally or parrallel to its longitudinal axis. Generally columns carry axial compressive loads. In reinforced concrete buildings concrete columns, beams and floors are cast monolithically that produces some moment due to end restraint.

In theory it is obvious that column must carry the load axially. But in practical view it is not possible to find a column truly carrying axial load that produces some eccentricity. When column carries load eccentrically it also produces some moment.

Types of Columns:

1.Based on loading:

  • Axially Loaded Column
  • Eccentrically Loaded Column
  • Bi-axially loaded column

2.Based on Length

  • Short Column
  • Long Column

3.Based on shape

  • Square/Rectangular column
  • L-shaped column
  • Circular/Round column
  • Hexagonal Column

4.Based on Column ties

  • Tied column
  • Spiral column

5.Based on frame bracing

6.Based on Materials

  • Reinforced
  • Prestressed
  • Composite
  • Steel