Books Name: Design of Concrete Structures

Author/Writer: Arthur H. Nilson, David Darwin, Charles W. Dolan
Publisher: Higher Education

ISBN-10: 0073293490

ISBN-13: 978-0073293493
Edition: Fourteenth

Concrete is  a stone like material combining the natural graded stones,cement and other aggregates. Over the decades concrete is being used as a building material to build durable buildings and structures.Even in todays structures concrete is widely used.

Design of concrete structures by Arthur H.Nilson, David Darwin, Charles W. Dolan is one of the most popular books to design reinforced concrete structures. The 14th edition of this design book comprises of clear and understandable text in S.I units. The topics and chapters are totally categorized newly and new design codes such as American Concrete Institute Code(ACI) 2008 has been adopted throughout the book.

The worked out examples and exercise problems are updated following the latest codes.Besides updating the text throughout the book, new learning materials like topics on slender columns,anchorage rules,seismic design etc has been included for the learners. Different loading system for building like shear,axial force,bending etc has been updated according to the latest ACI code 2008.