Beam Definition:

Beam is defined as a structural member that carries transverse loads and disseminate the loads to the columns or other supports.

Types of Beams:

There are Five types of beam in a structure. They are-

  • Continuous Beam
  • Semi-Continuous Beam
  • Simple Beam
  • Cantilever Beam
  • T-Beam

Images of Different Types of Beam

Continuous Beam:

continuous beam design

Semi-Continuous Beam:


RCC Beam design

Simple Beam:

simple beam design

Cantilever Beam:

cantilever beam


t-beam design procedure

How to Design a RCC Beam?

There are several methods by which a beam can be designed. But in most of the cases, ACI codes are followed all over the world. Some countries may make some considerable changes in the code according to their usual practice of beam construction.

For the ease of learning designing a beam you may follow the following PDF file.

Beam Design PDF-Step by Step Guideline