Book Name: Design of Reinforced Concrete

Author: Jack C. McCormac & Russell H. Brown

Edition: 9th

ISBN-10: 1118129849

ISBN-13: 978-1118129845

Publisher: Wiley

design of reinforced concrete and russell h brown

design of reinforced concrete pdf

This is one of the best selling books in the field of reinforced concrete design. This book follows the latest ACI design code that is very needed by the present day engineers. This book includes the fundamental theories of civil engineering reinforced concrete design and its properties. This books examples are revised by the ACI committee. A lot of practical design examples are included to make the lesson  more easier.

This book aims at helping the student and learner with a ease of reading and understanding. Every learner will find it easy to understand the topics and every topics are organised to give its users a good understanding. In this regard this book could be a great help for the design learning students and also as a reference book for the teachers.

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