Doors and windows are of the protective shield of any home. However, finding the right piece of home-guard (a door) isn’t easy as it seems. While some homeowners prefer steel doors, others like to install wooden doors. Each of these home-doors offers something special to a home, which only a homeowner can understand.

Here’s the list of the most popular doors you can install in your home:

Timber/Wood Doors:

Timber doors are the most traditional doors. They are easy to made and are easily available in the market. While you can use them anywhere in the house, they are best suited as the exterior doors. They are available in various designs and woods. Simply pick the type of polish you want and coordinate these doors with your home’s aesthetics.

Aluminum Doors:

Due to its lightweight, aluminum is used for manufacturing various products including hollow metal doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls and more. Also, they are ideal for different environmental conditions and are not affected by things like insects and termites. They are long lasting and need minimum maintenance. Also, they are quite appealing and make perfect exterior doors.

Steel Doors:

Due to their sturdy nature, steel has been used for manufacturing doors from years. They are neither solid or hollow and make a perfect substitute for the owners who don’t want wooden doors. Besides, they are used for making frames shutters, hinges and more. They are long-lasting, secure and are available in beautiful shades and texture.

Fiberglass Doors:

Fiberglass is that type of glass, which is made from the fibrous form and is woven into the cloth. They are strong, lightweight and non-flammable. Also, they require minimum maintenance and are quite affordable as compared to steel and wooden doors.

Unlike wood or aluminum, they don’t bow or twist. Further, they are foam filled and offer good insulation properties. And, if you get bored of the color, you can even paint them as per the design of your choice.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Doors:

These doors have high strength and can be used for manufacturing windows, doors and bathtubs. Also, they are available in different colors and comes in unique finishes including the natural finish. They also feature two leaves-like design which is molded over a core material making a sandwich panel all around.

Glass Doors:

Glass doors and windows are often used for paneling. However, some homeowners use it to enhance the exteriors of the house. Glass doors require great care and also ensure privacy and durability. Use them in the house as interiors or make outdoor appealing by installing them as an exterior door, the choice is yours. These doors are costly and require special maintenance.

Flush Doors:

These doors are smooth and are made from plywood or medium density fiberboard, which is incorporated over a timber frame. These doors are light in weight and are often filled with cardboard-like material. Besides, the frames of these doors are made from the wood, steel or other materials to hold its weight. Also, you can hinge these doors to one side to make it open from one side only. Because of their pleasing appearance, and looks, these doors are home-owner’s favorite doors.

Note: If you are using these doors for toilets, baths, make sure to cover the inner face of the door with an aluminum sheet to protect it from wear.

Framed Doors:

The frame of these doors is usually made from timber, plywood, blockboard, hardwood making it visually appealing. Also, these doors offer flexible design like you can incorporate glass in between the wooden panels.

So, those were some of the doors that you can look when choosing the design for your exterior door!