Books Name: 2,500 Solved Problems In Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Author: Schaums series (Jack B. Evett and Cheng Liu)

Fluid mechanics is one of the major subjects in civil and mechanical engineering. Fluids are those which can transport themselves.  Fluid mechanics problems  are usually tough to solve and they need special care to be accurate. 2500 solved problems in Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics-schaum’s is a very good book in the fluid and hydraulics sector.

Chapter-1: Properties of Fluids

Chapter-2: Fluid Statics

Chapter-3: Forces on Submerged Plane Areas

Chapter-4: Dams

Chapter-5: Forces on Submerged Curved Areas

Chapter-6: Buoyancy and Flotation

Chapter-7: Kinematics of Fluid Motion

Chapter-8: Fundamentals of Fluid Flow

Chapter-9: Flow in Closed Conduits

Chapter-10: Series Pipeline System

Chapter-11: Parallel Pipeline System

Chapter-12: Branching Pipeline Systems

Chapter-13: Pipe Networks

Chapter-14: Flow in Open Channels

Chapter-15: Flood Routing

Chapter-16: Flow of Compressible Fluids

Chapter-17: Flow Measurement

Chapter-18: Dimensional Analysis and Similitude

Chapter-19: Unsteady Flow

Chapter-20: Pumps and Fans

Chapter-21: Turbines

Chapter-22: Hydraulic and Energy Grade Lines

Chapter-23: Forces developed by Fluids in Motion

Chapter-24: Dynamic Drag and Lift

Chapter-25: Basic Hydrodynamics