Books Name:  The Electrical Engineering Handbook, Third Edition

Author/Writer: Richard C. Dorf

Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN-13: 978-0849301858
ISBN-10: 0849301858

The Electrical Engineering Handbook by Richard D. Dorf (3rd ed.) is one the best book in the field of electrical engineering. This is one the books that is bestseller in this category. Contemporary informations,easy and understandable language, Several practice problems and easy implementation of electrical engineering knowledge is the best part to talk about this book.

More than 242 electrical engineering professors and electrical engineering professional wrote about different contemporary eleetrical engineering in this book. This book contains over 2700 pages loaded with several tables,forms,formulas and definitions. You will get a basic knowledge of everything associated with electrical engineering.Carrying a lot of books is a troublesome work and thats why this one book solves the problem. By carrying only this book you will have the access to almost everything in the field of electrical engineering.