Books Name: Elementary Surveying-An Introduction to Geomatics


Author: Charles D. Ghilani and Paul R. Wolfelementary surveying ghilani 15th
Edition: 15th
ISBN-13: 978-0134604657
ISBN-10: 0134604652

Why is this book different?

Elementary Surveying by Chales d. Ghilani in one of the finest and best-selling books in the field of surveying. This great book contains very precise knowledge of the modern surveying. This book is very user-friendly and thus helps its readers to get the best of within a very short time. It is a very good reference book for the civil engineering and also to the learning students.

Basic concepts are described in a you-view manner so that they can be understood more efficiently. Discussion on various practical matters makes the book different from others. In this fourteenth edition, very latest tools and ways of surveying are included.

What other benefits will you get?

  • This book emphasizes the common errors and mistakes in surveying. So reminding these common errors students and learners get a complete idea on how to implement the practical surveying on the field.
  • There are numerous worked out examples, exercises, figures, and illustration to make the basic of surveying more strong.
  • This book keeps in mind about the latest advances in the field of surveying. So would not have to think of lag behind from others.

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elementary surveying ghilani 15th