Book Name: Elementary Surveying-An Introduction to Geomatics


Author: Charles D. Ghilani, Paul R. Wolf
Edition: 14th
ISBN-13: 000-0133758885
ISBN-10: 0133758885

About The Author

Professor Dr. Charles D. Ghilani has a specialization in the field of surveying. He is a professor of Surveying Technology and related courses at Penn State. Dr. Charles D. Ghilani has a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering and of which he sorts out surveying as his specialized research area. The heart winner of several students Dr. Charles D. Ghilani got several awards including Earle J. Fennell award for his contribution in the field of surveying  and mapping.

Dr. Ghilani has membership of several international organizations in the field of surveying, levelling, mappaing, photogrammetry, remote sensing and land surveying.

Special Features of Elementary Surveying:An Introduction to Geomatics by Charles D. Ghilani  (14th ed.)

Surveying is calculation based subject and students who learn surveying try to avoid in surveying. Error in calculation and error in data formulation are the major type of error often dine by the surveyors.

Any error in surveying may cause serious damage to any project work or to any personal property. That’s why, a surveyors calculations is the most important tool to be a good surveyor. There are several books on the market but you have to choose the best one that can gve the nest information and which helps you to do error free calculation.

Elementary Surveying:An Introduction to Geomatics by Charles D. Ghilani is one of the books you can depend on for error free calculation. This book helps in doing the surveying work finely with its clear and understandable theory and several real life practice problems. Much emphasize is given on the calculation and error theory in surveying so that students can find their own errors in field work and also in their calculations.

Besides teaching students doing error free calculations Elementary Surveying by Charles D. Ghilani also provides several worked out examples to make the theory more clearer to the learners. To comply with the modern surveying and help students practicing surveying several figures,illustrations,tables,charts and end of chapter practice problems are incorporated.

Surveying has gone through major changes in the present world. To teach and introduce students with the modern surveying chapters as well as uses of modern tools of surveying were discussed. As a result after reading the text, learners will feel the real charm of applying surveying to their real life surveying problems and would find it easy to match with their books.

Besides modern surveying practice, basic theorems and tools of surveying were also discussed which made it a classic book for all type of readers.

This book is written with easy and understandable text so that students who do not have surveying major feel no difficulty to learn the basic of surveying and geomatics.

Each chapter of this book have detailed information. Moreover, the formulas were written separately which helps the students to take not easily. Cross-referencing throughout the book is very good and students will find the available information easily by just seeing the referenced pages.