Books Name: Engineering Design Process

Author/Writer: Yousef Haik and Tamer M. Shahin

Edition: Second

Publisher: Cengage

ISBN 10: 0-495-66814-1

ISBN-13: 978-0-495-66814-5


Chapter-1: Introduction

Chapter-2: Essential Transferable Skills

Chapter-3: Identifying Needs and Gathering Information (Market Research)

Chapter-4: Customer Requirements

Chapter-5: Establishing Functional Structure

Chapter-6: Specifications

Chapter-7: Developing Concepts

Chapter-8: Concepts Evaluation

Chapter-9: Embodiment Design

Chapter-10: Detailed Design

Chapter-11: Selection of Design Projects

Engineering design is one of the fundamental topic for the engineers. It is that thing that differs the engineering discipline from the other scientific discipline. This book will certainly help the engineers to design machine and to know the basic of design process.

Design process is very important for designing engineering and mechanical equipments. This book help the students and learners by providing step to step design process and criteria. This book uses several case studies,labs and real life projects to convert the theories of engineering design to reality. The case studies helps students to find the error they are making and understand the basic concepts and theories easily than before.

Engineering Design Process by Yousuf Haik contains several worked out problems which helps to gather in depth knowledge over engineering design.

The two author i.e.Yousef Haik and Tamer R. Shahin describes the basic design processes including different factors like developing concepts,function analysis etc.